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How to upgrade your shop with Shopify while creating impact in Africa – Kuchentratsch has found the answer!

Have you ever eaten cake that tasted like your grandmother made it? With Kuchentratsch, which means cake gossip in German, you can taste just that. Their cakes are baked by senior citizens with their delicious family recipes. Kuchentratsch’s philosophy is about offering an oasis of well-being for everyone involved, a space where there are many generations in an exchange, where everybody is welcome to be as they truly are no matter of age, gender and where they come from.

Their cakes can be ordered not via fax, but online. Although Kuchentratsch already had their e-commerce shop online, they needed help to customize the shopping cart so that it would be more clearly represented. This is where the co-worker based in Africa stepped in and helped to have different checkouts for different delivery date options whether it is going to be picked-up, delivered or sent by mail. By implementing these technical adjustments, they managed to achieve a higher conversion rate. This was in autumn 2019 which marked the start of an enriching cooperation since.

The African team of Shopify developers have played a key part when Kuchentratsch launched a new product, a ready baking mixture. In this case, the virtual team helped to place the product right on the website so that the customer would be able to find it more easily. Therefore, they needed a whole new product category, which meant a total overhaul of the way the web shop was structured. Theresa, who works in Kuchentratschs marketing and closely together with the co-worker in Africa talks about it in glowing terms: “Once we were in a rush, our new product needed to be customized quickly as we expected much traffic after a television broadcasting, and we were able to count on the co-worker in Africa. It was done right and on time. So, flexibility and spontaneity is very high”.

getINNOtized offers talented Shopify specialists based in Africa which are ready to be employed virtually with European e-retailers.

Also, she mentions, that our concept is what they have in mind in the long term because of the common values and the global as well as social way of thinking we share. About her learnings from the cooperation, she states that it is such a big enrichment to work across national borders and to see how both sides learn so much from one another as it is not only working through a list but instead a progression on in cross-cultural competence as well as soft and social skills.

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